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Our summer 2019 client ROI reports are out – and they make for incredible reading.


Using adam, clients continue to revolutionise the effectiveness of their transport commissioning.


For example:

  • Proven platform: Over 9,000 requests were sent out during the period
  • Process efficiency: An average of 99% of requests were fulfilled first time.
  • Reportable savings: We saw an equivalent annual saving per client of £738,045
  • Engaged, expanded provider base: We saw the average number of suppliers responding, per request, at 13


How did their transport commissioning process achieve such a high performance?

  • Provider supply…
    More providers submitting offers means more competition for routes, and more relevance to specific individual needs. Put another way – it removes the need to compromise on price, quality or relevance.
  • Provider engagement…
    With more providers, more engaged and who are configured to meet specific needs, response times drop to minutes and near-100% first time package fulfilment becomes a reality.


There’s an excellent exhaust by-product (excuse the pun!) of installing an adam DPS for your transport commissioning:

  • Cost reduction / resource preservation…
    Our clients see a number of types of cash savings: cost per mile down 9%; total savings between 8% – 17% of in year spend. In Summer 2019, this has averaged £738,045 per council.
  • Time saved…
    Our clients save days of administration time every month – thanks to automated invoice processing (one client reduced annual invoice volumes from 14,400 per annum to just one per week)
  • Report the important…
    A fully digital system has interconnected data structures, making insights – and governance via reporting – easy to create. It’s why we can see the results we see!

adam puts transport commissioners in control.


Clients can consistently leverage resources to their maximum performance, introduce larger and more varied provider bases for greater provider choice, drive better quality individual outcomes, drive better provider compliance and engagement (thanks to powerful Provider Management capabilities), make reportable cash savings – and save days of administration time via automated financial consolidation processes.


Consistently better-quality individual outcomes, faster.

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