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How well do your providers meet the Wellbeing Principles of the Care Act?  How well qualified are your providers to provide wellbeing services?  How do you keep controls over their qualifications and compliances?


We know at adam that our clients’ requirements are highly complex and differ on every contract. Even knowing the variations on different contracts is a minefield, let alone ensuring that providers are compliant with them. Having a process to drive and evidence provider compliance and governance is key to meeting guidelines and regulations


Protection & Safeguarding Policies? How are providers providing evidence of staff accreditations in mandatory training passes? Confidentiality? Mental health & working with vulnerable people?


providers’ policies? How are you recording accreditation for providers’ own standards? Their evidence of written professional boundaries? Their codes of conduct? Their equal opportunity and inclusion policies? Their codes of practice on employment?

Statutory, common standards: How do you ensure supplier compliance with statutory requirements around Data Protection & personal data handling? Health & Safety & Work? Risk assessments? Validity of required insurances?


Quality: How do suppliers maintain a predefined frequency of evaluating Performance Indicators & Monitoring Outcomes? CQC Score recording? Compliance with competency frameworks?


It can be a minefield – but it doesn’t have to be.


It’s why we have high-performance supplier relationship management technology to help.  


To help busy people, working with busy people, get the best out of a partnership.   A place where communication and collaboration can happen – but crucially – with focus, clarity and without the interruptions of meetings, calls and unread emails.


Our own health & social care clients know that effective management of provider markets is fundamental to remove risk and maximise commissioning results.


Busy teams with scarce resources need to feel in control – and getting the best outcome for the individual means getting the best provider to engage all the time.


SRM is where both ‘sides’ review, document, manage and communicate. You need to be able to communicate with, view and control the compliance and outputs of your provider base. You need the functionality to help create an individual-level, balanced scorecard view of your entire provider ecosystem.


You need to be in it together: by working with providers – provider relationship management tools should enable ‘two way’ working to help deliver performance improvements. Successful operations work together – commissioning teams need to feel respected, and not be perceived as insensitive, out of touch tyrants poised to bankrupt everyone around them.


Likewise, providers need to have a platform where they can use their depth of knowledge to participate, input and help shape markets and improved wellbeing.


Ultimately, we do all this for one thing – and that is to help improve the wellbeing of individuals.



Effective provider relationship management in 8 areas


  1. Consolidate: Use the consolidating power of SRM – Have one place to communicate, collaborate, store and report everything – keep it out of inboxes and away from tiresome meetings
  2. Standardise: Introduce processes to standardise your approach across regions and categories – helping save time, simplify onerous tasks and bring all parties ‘in line’
  3. Engage: Drive engagement and best performance with providers; share best practice – and innovate
  4. Craft: Shape your provider market: whether it needs niche providers, large numbers of providers competitively bidding, or diverse and complex ecosystems – and, support your the local economy
  5. Get proactive: set up alerts to help early intervention (ie. risk of provider failure or performance)
  6. Automate to save: Save time by creating automated processes (ie compliance checks) – perform required duties with the fewest inputs
  7. Stay informed: Query data and report on anything (ie. market trends, anomalies or outliers)
  8. Perform: Improve individual wellbeing: get more competitive offers, more of the time, faster than ever




A note about adam SRM functionality :


One place to collate, monitor and report data

One place to manage provider tasks, interactions & communications

One place to drive stronger provider relationships, collaboration, participation and engagement

One place to manage performance balanced scorecard views

One place to view market insight & shape provider markets

One place to control supplier accreditation & compliance


And just one tab – to drive it all…


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