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It’s well publicised that demand for Continuing Healthcare (CHC) is growing significantly. In Staffordshire alone, the 6 CCGs have experienced a 13% increase in the need for CHC in the last 3 years. The rising demand is understandably taking its toll across the country especially when you factor in budgets squeezing, pressures to evidence quality increasing, continually being tasked to find savings whilst developing and implementing STPs.

Historically, procurement of CHC commissioning has been done via spot purchasing. The problem with spot purchasing is that it provides limited choice, little contractual management or negotiation and limits qualitative measurement meaning you have no control over cost.

These issues are forcing alternative approaches to be taken in how services are being commissioned.

Without a significant change of approach, CCGs run the risk of rapidly increasing costs of services, spiralling CHC commissioning out of control. Provider capacity also plays a pivotal role certainly in the transference of patients from a hospital bed, into a continuing healthcare setting.

We’re not experts in CHC, but we are expert in market building, engagement and management. Whilst using a technology to commission individually personalised services and to streamline billing processes too. An increasing number of CCGs are working with us to transform the way they commission Continued Healthcare and the results are enabling them to:

  • Make 8% savings
  • Reduce discharge times by 20%
  • Ensure choice in every package
  • Reduce re-assessment to 0
  • Engage their entire available market
  • Average 3 offers per requirement
  • Have a complete audit trail and contract management for each patient
  • Provide 1 weekly consolidated invoice rather than 1 per patient
  • Gather comprehensive data on Provider capacity

It’s an approach that is improving the whole commissioning process by better engaging suppliers, improving quality of information and the efficiency of processes. Most importantly it’s delivering savings whilst improving the patient experience which is vital for the Health Economy.

By combining technology with market building and streamlining internal billing processes. All with a view to improve quality and management of supply, ensuring the commissioning of Person-Centred Services for less.

What that means for CCGs
They are able to measure (and improve) the time it takes a patient to come out of Hospital and into a CHC setting. Every decision is documented meaning the ability to follow each individual case, which includes a deeper level of detail rather than simply recording the provider chosen to fulfil the requirement. CCGs can promote a fair and open market and work with Providers they weren’t able to previously.

What that means for Providers
For Providers it means transparency and clarity as CCGs are better equipped to communicate relevant changes and the service expectations per requirement. A legal agreement between the two parties is also created.

What that means for Patients
Within the health market the speed of transferring patients out of hospitals once they are available for discharge is a huge issue. CCGs working with us, streamlining their processes, are reducing the time to move people from a hospital bed into a continuing healthcare setting. Current indications show that they are reducing their average discharge time by between 1-2 days which is freeing up hospital space and improving the patience experience.

Why that’s important
It’s an approach that delivers fairer pricing and enables CCG’s to manage and reward quality.

Those working with us are predicted to save £5m in total over the next 4 years and their approach has radically improved in the last 6 months alone, which is critical to the Health Economy.

More importantly, through advanced reporting, they can now see where provision is generally lacking. This means they can begin to work with the care home market to address the gaps in specific areas, rather than taking a generic perspective on the marketplace.

Results overview:

  • Nearly 800 placements have been made via our system
  • 200 providers are enrolled on our system – delivering a more sustainable and robust marketplace
  • Enhanced ability to performance manage Providers
  • Providers now have the capability to report on regular, meaningful quality metrics (such as falls, pressure sores)
  • Now use an additional comprehensive approach to quality management rather than relying purely on Care Quality Commission ratings
  • Removed overpayments through improved invoicing
  • Now use comprehensive data on market activity to analyse where they do have specific capacity issues, which they can now use to work with the market to address the gaps

Are you tasked with finding more savings, improving quality, reducing discharge times and maximising quality? Why not get in touch and arrange a conversation?


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