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A Department for Education spokesperson said: “We want to make sure that children are able to access the free home to school transport they are entitled to, which is why we recently consulted on a revised version of the statutory home to school transport guidance. ” (Guardian)

Councils have warned that home-to-school transport. On which many children depend. Is under threat because of ‘’unsustainable’’ costs and insufficient funding.

83% of councils are now overspending on their home-to-school transport budgets, and a report by the LGA predicts that in five years’ time expenditure on home-to-school transport might reach £1.2 billion. Transport for children and young people with SEND now accounts for 69% of all home-to-school transport expenditure and continues to rise.

A recent article by the Guardian has shone a light on the current state of home-to-school transport for SEND children and young people. It highlights the issues we know all too well. Unsustainable costs. Insufficient funding. Threatening a service on which many children with special education needs and disabilities depend.

Children and their families are facing major concerns. Such as, long wait times. Travelling alone. Long travel times. Or worse the loss of transport entirely. In some cases, this has led to parents giving up work to transport their children to school. This is simply unacceptable.

Councils have recognised the issues and are looking into digital solutions. In fact, we achieved a £4 million saving across all of our clients this summer.

adam HTT has brought their trailblazing transport digital commissioning solution and their years of expertise to make a practical and informed difference.

Simply. Each route and therefore Service User’s needs can be treated independently. Driving competition and the quality of the offering up. And the price down. The individual wins. Costs are controlled. Most importantly. The child receives a service crafted around their needs.

An engaged supply base is key. Not only the volume, but also the certainty that submitted requests are being sent out to as many suppliers as possible. The active supply base is fundamental to consistently being able to deliver high-quality service in the case of home-to-school transport. Having a high volume of active suppliers. Leads to higher quality and sustainable services. This transport digital commissioning solution needs to be implemented across all Councils. As a matter of urgency.

We set strict performance metrics for all engaged suppliers and they also see benefits to joining this system. For more information on supplier benefits, click here. (contact to contact us)

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