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Due to the lockdown much of Home-to-School transport has ceased, but not all.
Local Authority teams have been under pressure to react quickly to change and amend routes, to help ensure children of key workers and SEND children can get to school.

This has meant that they have had to communicate with the entire supply chain and has left many suppliers without work. They also need to figure out what to do in terms of payments, as cutting funding completely could be terminal for many small businesses.

The government has provided some guidance to Local Authorities and has suggested that financial support for businesses is appropriate. However, the guidance is ambiguous, as the level paid out is down to each Local Authority to determine. In fact, some may choose not to pay anything.

Initially our Local Authority clients paid suppliers up to the Easter school holidays and now plan pay a percentage of the committed cost ongoing. This will help support operators in paying their running costs such as vehicle leases, insurance and premises.

adam has been working closely in supporting our clients and their suppliers – We will remain flexible to make sure we can react to the quickly changing landscape.

Below are some examples of how adam are already supporting Local Authorities:

  • Facilitate communication with the entire supply chain quickly and efficiently
  • Manage service and payment intermissions
  • Facilitate alternative funding arrangements to support suppliers
  • Quickly implement new payment process to speed up payments to suppliers
  • Add additional cost codes to track financial support due to COVID-19
  • Facilitate communication between Local Authorities to address common issues


If you would like to find out more on how adam can support you during this time, please contact us.  At

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