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It is estimated that an additional 420,000 carers will be needed to meet demand by 2026. According to Age UK, 97% of the population would prefer to receive care in their own homes. With the increasing demands on care but fewer resources, it is acknowledged that the use of care technology will play a vital part in helping to reduce the increased strain on health & social care.

As a result, the care technology market is growing rapidly. New and innovative technology is now available on the market such as:

Sensor Devices

Sensors can be attached to electrical devices such as a TV, kettle, fridge door, beds and showers. These can then be used to identify any unusual patterns of behaviour or activity and highlight any mobility issues or further risks that could lead to dehydration or falls.

Communication Devices

These enable individuals to stay connected by enhancing communication with their friends and family. Helping to combat isolation and loneliness and improve their health and wellbeing.

Digital Monitoring Devices

These can be used to monitor temperature, heart rate, blood pressure, movement. They are proving invaluable for monitoring individuals in between home visits, especially as the demand for more carers increases along with rising expectations to deliver quality care.

Virtual Check in Services

Virtual checks can be particularly useful at night where an individual may feel distressed by physical visits. Virtual checks can offer a safe but less intrusive alternative to home visits. Where digital supervisions can be made remotely, discreetly and at scheduled times. This technology can usually be adapted to suit the user’s needs, while also helping to alleviate some of the limited workforce challenges, which health and social care face.


While technology will never be a replacement for care and should never compromise the delivery of quality person centred care, technology will enable people to rely on the traditional delivery of social care less and less. Allowing personal care to be supplemented with a mix of innovative technologies, as demand continues to grow.

The wide range of products and services available on the market today, will go a long way in helping people to keep their independence and remain in their homes for longer. Offering alternative ways to support an individual without the need for a formal carer.

This will also support those delivering and commissioning care to work more effectively and continue to meet the needs and outcomes of the individuals they care for. Resulting in improvements in their wellbeing.

With increased demand, fewer resources and the growing funding gap which many Local Authorities face, they must now find alternatives. Care technology will help to reduce the costs and ease pressure on services not just for Local Authorities but all those that run or deliver care.

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