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Throughout the COVID-19 crisis adam has helped to take the strain off Local Authorities, making better use of data and providing intelligence to help inform spend and services.

adam is working with their Local Authority customers to show the true value of their data and how to make better use of these insights to optimise their budgets. This has enabled them to better monitor and manage their spend, as well as supporting care providers.

Despite being awarded additional funding from the Government, Local Authorities are struggling to support the high-demand for care due to COVID-19, in particular for high risk and shielded individuals. They are under constant pressure to maintain services during the crisis and many are unsure whether the increased funding will be enough to cover the demand for care. Furthermore, many Local Authorities are unsure what the future financial impact will be in their area.

adam has provided their customers with detailed reports and analytics specific to the COVID-19 period with insights into spend, rise in requirements and service receipts. This not only identifies increased spend during this time but will also help Local Authorities with future forecasts and budget management.

Additionally, adam have been working closely with Local Authorities to support providers. For example, adam have supported Cardiff Council by making changes to their invoicing process, to pay providers based on committed costs. The primary objective was to save administration time for providers, which in turn would ease their resource requirements. adam were fast to react to this and have been invoicing based on committed cost since March, totalling more than £10 million. Cardiff Council receive reports of the committed cost for each week, so they can remain agile and react quickly to changing circumstances. Supporting their providers is key to ensuring Local Authorities can protect them, so they can continue to provide care services beyond the pandemic.

We would be happy to talk to any Local Authorities who may need support at this time.

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