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Date Published: 02/10/2020        Reading time: 5 mins read            Author: adam transport team

Without doubt coronavirus has caused a great deal of pain and disruption not only to local Government but also to the people they serve. Now with a mixture of pupils returning to schools and a tightening of national and local rules, what does this mean for your local authority and home to school transport in the UK?

The Government has recently published guidance on “Transport to school autumn 2020”, divided into two parts. Critical for those who manage home to school transport is “Part B: guidance for dedicated transport to schools and other places of education for autumn term 2020”. Some of the crucial points are highlighted below.

The Guidance applies to transport:

  • commissioned or provided by local authorities, whether the service is provided free of charge
  • commissioned or provided by schools or other places of education
  • provided by transport operators (commercial travel routes) that cannot be used by members of the public when it is carrying children to school or other places of education.
  • schools and other places of education, where they commission transport for children and young people
  • transport operators, where they provide transport directly to children without being commissioned by the school or local authority

Local authorities remain under a statutory duty to provide free home to school transport for all eligible children of compulsory school age.

Local authorities, working with schools, places of education and transport operators as necessary, should:

  • identify the risks arising from coronavirus (COVID-19)
  • work through the system of controls set out in this guidance
  • adopt measures in a way that addresses the identified risk, works in the local circumstances, and enables children and young people to attend their school or place of education. 

This is just a summary of the guidelines, the full article of which is available here:

Whilst there have been many challenges during these uncertain times, the pandemic has also resulted in opportunities for local authorities to plan better and rethink how home to school transport is managed. Part of this strategy will be the use of digital services and unique technologies to provide safe transport whilst delivering value for money.

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