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A recent publication from ‘Inside Housing’ highlights that temporary accommodation costs are continuing to rise drastically, with Local Authorities spending £1.2bn in 2019/20, a 9% increase on the previous year and 55% increase on 2014/15.

In line with another year of increased spending on temporary accommodation, an ever-growing proportion (87%) is being paid to private suppliers (private landlords, letting agents and companies). Additionally, 38% of spend with the private sector related to B&B accommodation, despite growing concerns regarding the suitability of such housing.

Government have made commitments to support councils with the growing demand and increased pressures due to the pandemic, making a further £105million available to tackle homelessness back in June. Despite these commitments, Local Authorities still have a duty to place eligible people into temporary accommodation, in a timely manner, with the difficulties relating to the management of this process remaining.

COVID-19 has added further complexities to the temporary accommodation process, with councils ordered by government to find suitable housing to support the self-isolation/lockdown processes that the pandemic has driven. As such,  the numbers of households in temporary accommodation soared to almost 100,000 in June 2020, driven mainly by a large increase in single-adult households (28,840 households, up 51% on the previous year) being placed into accommodation in line with the government’s directive.

adam Housing provides full insight into the entire temporary accommodation process within one single solution. It tackles the additional complexities generated by the current climate, allowing effective management and fast and secure decision making.

Local Authorities use the adam Housing to facilitate the booking and ongoing management of properties and rooms to meet the rising demand. The platform enables them to act fast and with confidence, meeting the duty to place the vulnerable in suitable temporary accommodation as quickly, efficiently, and effectively as possible; whilst helping them keep costs under control. adam Housing provides a simple workflow as well as streamlining and systemising the letting processes for Local Authorities and their agents. The platform provides councils access to fully compliant suppliers and properties that all meet a minimum standard allowing for 100% confidence when making bookings.

Since its launch in July 2020, adam Housing has been reducing the administrative burden for councils

  • Over 2,000 real-time listings have been advertised by approved suppliers through the Live Availability module, resulting in 1,300 families being safely placed into Accommodation
  • With the confidence in listing validity and compliance, listings are being converted into live bookings in as little as 20 minutes, whilst having the tools to make informed decision making
  • With oversight of listing costs and information, all bookings are made at or below regional rates, gaining control of previously spiralling costs
  • Our automated process means that the 8,000 safety certificates related to these properties, have been automatically checked, driving 100% property compliance at the point of booking
  • Currently, 27,500 safety certificates, relating to over 9,500 properties and 220 suppliers are being automatically checked for expiry on active bookings

adam Housing enables Local Authorities to act fast and with the confidence that they are also acting diligently when managing the demanding temporary accommodation process.

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