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We provide digital solutions and have extensive experience improving the performance of public services.

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At adam, we are passionate about placing the individual at the heart of everything we do. Our digital end-to-end platform and managed service solutions are designed to deliver the best possible outcomes.

If you’re a provider looking to join our provider market, please get in touch. Alternatively, for support, please email us.

Commissioning and management platform

adam provides Public Sector bodies with a secure, cloud-based platform to support the commissioning and management of complex services. Our customers partner with us to save time, improve quality and reduce costs in their service areas.

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  • Steve Robinson
    Steve Robinson
    Head of Commissioning & Procurement, Cardiff Council

    adam and their systems gave us a platform to deliver our preferred model - allowing us to effectively manage a diverse supply base with a continuous focus on quality.

  • Dionne Nicholson
    Dionne Nicholson
    Financial Administrator, Kingsley Nursing Homes Ltd, Southport

    I feel that the adam system has been a positive change for small nursing homes such as Kingsley. This change has allowed all homes, no matter how large, to actively seek new user packages.

  • Mark Heaton
    Mark Heaton
    IPA/CHC System Manager, MLCSU (Midlands & Lancashire Commissioning Support Unit)

    The quality of referrals received has greatly improved with the introduction of referrals management from adam.

  • David Prior
    David Prior
    Commercial Business Manager, Haringey Council

    Suppliers are picking up multiple contracts with different specialisms, so not only are there more suppliers, we’ve also quadrupled our pool for each variant. This has significantly reduced the risk to our supply.

  • Wendy Calvert
    Wendy Calvert
    Business and Contracting Assistant, NHS Midlands and Lancashire CSU

    I am blown away that there is a system that contains all the information from beginning to end. This will ensure we can review patients in good time and minimise risk. adam has a good screening process for providers to ensure they are insured and have up-to-date indemnity; providers will get paid in good time and the CCGs are protected by the system.

  • Ian Fraser
    Ian Fraser
    Strategic Transport Lead at Milton Keynes Council

    We feel we work in partnership with adam and we’re not just a customer

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