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Ava Choices for Direct Payments

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Ava is a virtual Personal Assistant that helps those with care and support needs manage their Direct Payments. Many people avoid taking a Direct Payment due to the complexities and responsibilities involved, but Ava makes it easy. By providing a fully managed service to those who take a Direct Payment, Ava gives people confidence and the ability to take control of their funding and care. Ava also allows individuals to include their family or advocates in the process, so they are fully supported throughout.

Ava provides support every step of the way, taking the pressure away from Local Authorities. Ava allows people to receive funds and manage their budgets in a virtual wallet. Through Ava, individuals (or their advocates) can easily define their care goals and outcomes, view available support services, and arrange to purchase services that will best meet their unique needs.

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Ava has access to a unique and diverse set of providers that cover the full range of what is available in a locality, including Domiciliary, Personal Assistants and local and community based support. This ensures every individual will receive a bespoke care and support package, focused on maximising individual wellbeing.

Through Ava we provide full visibility to Local Authorities on how Direct Payments are being used, and how the services are supporting those with care and support needs in local areas.

Ava is a seamless blend of technology and people focused exclusively on helping people find care and support that improves their well-being. Ava handles all the administration involved in taking a direct payment so the individual can find the care they need without the hassle and stress traditionally involved. This in turn saves the Council time and money, freeing up valuable resource to spend more time with people with care and support needs. Ava ultimately enables you to become better connected with people with care and support needs, providers and the local community.

Why Choose Ava?

Ava makes taking a Direct Payment simple and stress free. Ava increases the uptake of Direct Payments, saving Councils time and money.

Increase the number of Direct Payments, reducing demand on Councils

Enhance independence and well-being of people with care and support needs and reducing lifetime cost of care

Offer a genuine choice of care and support to every person – including community based services

Better visibility and control over where budgets are being spent

Reduce costs for providers and Personal Assistants increasing capacity in the market

Portability of care provider – Enable people to change care provider and type of provider simply and without hassle – do something different with a DP

Help protect people who may be shielding from Covid, supporting them to access services they need

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