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Investment in new payment solution for joint funded care at Staffordshire County Council

11 October 2021

Payment solutions for joint-funded care packages


In order to pay for joint-funded packages, MLCSU and Staffordshire council utilised a paper based process which in some cases could take over 6 months to reconcile due to disputes. As a result of the disputes the full payment would be withheld until there was an agreement on the full payment list. This process was resource intensive to work through the disputes. The objective of the project was to streamline payments for joint funded packages between two organisations by moving to monthly electronic process.

Why choose adam?

MLCSU have been using adam system for commissioning and case management system since 2017 in Staffordshire area. Implementation of adam system has helped CCG to save time, money and improve quality of processes.

The solution

Project governance included weekly meetings with adam, MLCSU and Staffordshire council project stakeholders. In these meetings the completion of project milestones was tracked and any risks in the way were raised. The category went live on time and the first payment was made within agreed timeline.

This new category has been set up as a collaboration for MLCSU and Staffordshire County Council, where MLCSU will utilise the new category to manage the reimbursement of the local authority for the payment of joint-funded packages of care. Essentially, Staffordshire council have a provider (read-only) view of their joint funded packages of care.

In regard to system configuration, payment receipts are automatically generated on monthly basis then both parties reconcile the receipts. When checks are being run the payment, receipts are sealed which means no amendments can be made at that time. Once the checks have been completed these payment receipts set to invoiced. Invoices are paid to us by CCGs and then the payment is made to Staffordshire council through our system. If any claw backs or any other changes need to take place, MLCSU can raise a change order and the system will automatically reconcile the difference by generating adjustment receipts. However, the council can still track any changes which were made on a particular package of care e.g. a rate change.

The implementation of this solution means there is full transparency over the data which means when the invoice files are shared, there is significantly less amount of time we are spending reconciling invoices.”

Karen Webb
Joint Funding Lead (LA)


  • Sustainable, effective budget & cost management
  • Transparency and visibility of Packages of care for CCG and LA. Audit trail of any changes. Centralized online storage, records cannot be lost or damaged
  • Improved transparency and control delivered via comprehensive reporting and analytics
  • Improved cashflow: rapidly consolidate and process invoices & invoice reconciliation
  • Monthly payments. Disputes will be over 1 specific service receipt which will prevent withholding payments


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