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Delivering a bespoke healthcare solution in Merseyside to alleviate bed demand

08 October 2021


A large Merseyside based CCG recently needed to block book beds. Using adam’s digital CHC commissioning solution they efficiently requested quotes for up to 20 beds for Covid negative cases and up to 20 for Covid positive cases. This included automatic requests to 76 pre-vetted care home providers (all within a desired mile radius of the CCG). Using a flexible online requirements driven template, bespoke requests were completed in two easy steps. This involved inputting all necessary details such as assurance questions and deadlines using adam’s intuitive and user-friendly system.

Creation of bespoke requests

Automatic distribution of requests to pre-enrolled providers

Easy offer analysis and contract creation

Creation of bespoke requests

adam’s solution enabled the CCG to specify their exact requirements to providers through a wealth of intuitive functionality. This included through detailed tender instructions and contact details to guide providers and questions to capture essential quality and price responses and documents - including a mixture of numbers, text, and tick boxes, with relevant criteria and weightings attached. This all meant that the CCG could request and capture responses to 18 different key requirements, all in a uniform format for easy comparison (included CQC ratings, registration details, home details, training, policies, compliance, safeguarding, co-production, etc). This meant that providers could easily understand exactly what the CCG were looking for and submit a fully compliant quote. No matter what the CCGs requirements, whether it be ensuring residents were kept in one place or ensuring appropriate disease control, adam’s solution made it happen.

Easy offer analysis and contracts creation

Following the offers deadlines set by the CCG, providers offers were automatically filtered and ranked in accordance with the customer’s quality and price scoring and criteria. Offers were automatically sent to the CCG in a structured and easily to follow format for easy analysis. This enabled the CCG to select the most appropriate provider based on their requirements. Then once the provider was chosen, contracts were automatically facilitated via the system, enabling patients to be placed swiftly in line with the CCGs timescales and pre-agreed standard terms.

Automatic distribution of bespoke requests to pre-enrolled providers

We enabled the CCG to swiftly send their unique requests to relevant pre-enrolled providers via our automatic email system (included all key information needed to submitan offer). That meant that appropriate providers efficiently submitted compliant offers for the CCGs requirements via our automated system and systemised process. They put forward the very same mandatory information via a unique workflow, which guarantees both a compliant offer and the required services. Additionally, providers were able to ask clarification questions to the CCG via adam’s two-way communication platform and adam’s support team were on hand to assist providers with any queries and proactively encourage offers (including with in-active providers).

Professional support throughout the process

Throughout the process, adam’’s support and service delivery teams were on hand to guide and support the CCG with their daily and strategic use of the system and answer any queries they had. The teams also made sure that all providers were engaged and called them to support them in using the system and submitting offers as required.

​The result: fast, compliant, and competitive offers

Regarding adam’s work, six fully compliant offers were received within six days of the request for quote. Once the CCG had reviewed and accepted their offer, contracts were created immediately (at a rate of £100.90 per day for Care Homes [lower than local market average).


In summary, by using adam’s comprehensive digital CHC commissioning solution incorporating highly bespoke requests, e-brokerage and full professional support, the CCG were able to achieve their goals and priorities.


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