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What we do

Our solution is designed to manage the full end-to-end process for CHC and community care activity. With a first-class service, we are helping address the challenges faced by CCGs around the country.

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How does it work?

adam facilitates the management of continuing healthcare activities through a cloud-based and mobile compatible technology platform, which contains the following integrated product modules

Referral management

Referral management

adam’s Referral management Tool is built for NHS staff and patients. Working across all referral types, our solution helps staff to process referrals more effectively. Workflow automation, preconfigured templates, and centralised management tools for senior staff, allow CCGs to ease their workload and speed up processing time.

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With adam, you can commission services based on your exact requirements and deliver better outcomes for patients. Our technology helps you to effectively manage the full process from detailing patient needs, through to distributing requests to registered providers, evaluating offers and contracting.

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Case management

Case Management

adam’s Case Management System is a new breed of patient record solution – it’s built with the long-term needs of NHS professionals in mind.

By using this online system, CCGs can record all patient interactions, and arrange, manage, and pay for care packages.

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Invoicing and payment

Invoicing and payment

Streamline your invoicing and payment process. Run an efficient financial process within your Continuing Healthcare (CHC) service.

Our tool applies best practice to each part of the payment process, saving you time and delivering more accurate and timely payments to providers. By linking placements, delivery of care, and invoices, all via a single tool, we create a more efficient process.

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Provider engagement and management

Provider Management

With adam’s Provider Management Tool, CCGs can efficiently manage large and complex provider markets and maintain high service standards. Once in place, staff are supported in their communication with, and management of, all local care providers.

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Personal health budget management

Personal Health Budgets

With our financial reporting, CCGs can achieve sustainable budget and cost management. The benefits include an enhanced choice of care for patients, improved PHB experience (due to a reduction in administration), access to an accredited list of Personal Assistants and a comprehensive reporting suite on PHB activity.

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Efficiently manage your CHC activity in one place using secure, robust and scalable infrastructure. In-built reporting helps inform decision making, while the modularised, configurable platform allows for easy use alongside third party solutions. With adam, CCGs can tailor the software to suit their local needs and policies.

Our products are created and maintained by our in-house developers, with support from the UX and Business Analysis teams, to ensure our tech is delivered with the user in mind.

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Healthcare professional
Martin Pope

We’re doing something that no-one else is. Every CHC team faces the same challenges, but we’re doing something unique here and it’s making a real difference

Martin Pope
Midlands and Lancashire Commissioning Support Unit

Key benefits

CCGs save up to 20% of their staff members’ time

Reduce administrative costs through systemised processes

Arrange new care placements in half the time

CCGs see eligibility decisions made over 25% faster

4-6% reduction in unit cost of care

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