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NHS Midlands and Lancashire CSU to use Ava Choices to support Personal Health Budget (PHB) holders on behalf of Staffordshire CCGs
21 October 2020

adam HTT (“adam”) has agreed with NHS Midlands and Lancashire CSU (MLCSU) that they will use Ava Choices to support PHB services on behalf of Staffordshire CCGs from 1 November.

Ava Choices is an online solution and managed service designed to help people taking a Personal Health Budget to manage their care and support.

Key product features are:
Ava Choices will be used to support individuals eligible for CHC Domiciliary Care and choosing to take a direct payment or third-party PHB. It will enable the CCGs to improve the individuals’ experience of PHBs and is expected to increase the uptake of the direct payment option.

  • 7-day a week support service for individuals
  • Streamlined Support Planning Process to maximise personalisation
  • Integrated Indicative Budget Calculation to ensure accurate and fair PHB values
  • Online sourcing of all goods and services, including Personal Assistants (PAs)
  • PA checks and payrolling service to remove the administrative burden from individuals
  • Virtual Wallet and payment handling for more effective financial management
  • Reporting and audit services to ensure all funds are spent in line with support plans
  • Data alignment with MLCSU’s CHC Case (Patient) Management System

The new platform will enable the PHB process to be streamlined for individuals and the MLCSU. This will help PHB holders make the most of funds and spending in line with their support plan. Additionally, feedback is gathered from individuals to inform the review process and flag signs of issues to clinical staff.

One key advantage of Ava Choices is that its fits within the existing CHC technology architecture provided by adam; offering a full range of functionality in one solution, as opposed to modular-based systems.

Regarding the trial, MLCSU have said:

“adam HTT is proven as a trusted provider and has a track record of delivering significant performance improvements in conjunction with MLCSU, including within the CHC service across Staffordshire. Therefore, we are confident that when using Ava Choices, the CCGs will benefit from improved PHB uptake and financials savings due to a reduced reliance on agencies.”
Marina Lewis, Clinical Lead (Midlands and Lancashire CSU)

“We look forward to working with MLCSU in the coming months to refine the solution.”
Chris Wilson, Managing Director, adam HTT Limited

About adam:
After launching in 2012 with the backing of Dynamic Procurement Holdings, adam went on to become one of the top providers of procurement technology in the UK. They rebranded themselves as ‘adam‘ in 2014; at that point, they were already supporting over 70 public sector customers, in turn managing a spend of over £1 billion. They are 100% committed to helping citizens and professionals alike source care plan services that put the individual’s wellbeing first.

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