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The importance of understanding people and place in Public Services
20 January 2021

The pandemic changed almost every aspect of our lives, but in particular, it made us re-evaluate what is important, what matters to people and where they live. Now in 2021, understanding the latest digital trends and how they impact public services is vital, so that we can continue to keep the individual at the heart of everything we do.


The first main trend seen across the UK is being more people-centred. In November, the Chancellor announced a new £4bn Levelling Up Fund to improve local infrastructure. This was aimed at towns and areas in desperate need of investment. To secure this funding, towns in need of improvement are required to present a clear, people-centred vision. Despite the struggles of the pandemic, it did put emphasis back on people and place again. Areas will need to identify infrastructure improvements that genuinely help people. This includes improvements to help close the opportunity gap and by improving buildings and access, enabling people to use more digital methods of communicating, no matter where they live. In 2021 more projects will be prioritised that make a real difference to people’s lives.

Covid-19 shifted the vast majority of our lives to be completely online, whether it’s how we work, shop, or access public services. This digital trend is likely to continue, now that people are used to and have access to new technology to build relationships, work and study. Public services will continue to utilise technology to care for their communities, for example with the growing number of platforms and apps to target social isolation or mental health care. Throughout the past year many organisations have implemented new technology and systems and are looking at how they could be used in the future. The digital trend is here to stay.

“We’ve done a lot of transitioning and 2021 is a time for re-educating and adjusting to a new digital reality. It is a year of healing and rebuilding.”

Here at adam HTT we provide managed digital services to help facilitate the delivery of Good Government, and are passionate about placing the individual at the heart of everything we do. We help empower the individual and increase efficiency across the public sector through unique user centric technology.

Building ‘place’ into healthcare plans
Without a doubt Covid-19 has put huge emphasis on the idea of ‘place’. Being confined to our homes and local communities, it has become apparent how much ‘place’ can impact the health and wellbeing of a population. In 2021 health and social care systems are to become far more integrated, with much greater emphasis on providing more care closer to or within the home. Different care providers and partners, including the NHS, local authority funded care and voluntary sectors, must all work together.

adam are committed to helping citizens and professionals alike source care plan services that put the individual’s wellbeing first. Now with the addition of Ava Choices, adam are further enabling people to find the right care and support. Ava allows individuals to find the best local care options that meet their bespoke needs. Ava allows everything to be managed in a single place, and most importantly, provides a simple and easy way for individuals to find and communicate with care providers.

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