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Working with more CCGs to improve Continuing Healthcare placements
05 March 2021

We are pleased to have secured new partnerships with Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) and an integrated care system (ICS).

The new arrangements will help facilitate our customers in building strong and effective care systems across England. Lancashire and South Cumbria ICS has agreed that CHC Domiciliary Care is to be managed via the adam commissioning tool in conjunction with Midlands and Lancashire CSU. There are several specific objectives to be delivered, from improving the operation of Pathway 3 (of the Hospital Discharge Service: Policy & Operating Model) and the end-of-life pathway, to ensuring local intelligence will better inform new placement decisions. It is seen as critically important to deliver a consistent patient experience of continuing healthcare in the region which will be delivered by a collaboration with local stakeholders.

Working with more CCGs to improve Continuing Healthcare placements across the UK. We have mobilised a dedicated project team immediately and over 190 local providers are to be engaged alongside the identified ICS stakeholders. They are now working towards a comprehensive plan to be delivered in 12 weeks with the project Go-live planned for the end of March.

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