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A new normal in Continuing Healthcare
30 April 2020

As a Digital CHC solution partner of many NHS bodies, including 20+ CCGs, the Covid-19 lockdown has been an incredibly busy time for our business.

Inevitably when the crisis arrived our first thought was to the health and wellbeing of our staff, and then our attention quickly moved on to how we could also best support our partners.

Whilst we offer a range of solutions, from talking with colleagues in the NHS it became clear that we had two assets that we be of great use during this time; firstly experienced and trained staff, and secondly, a route and insight to local provider markets. Whilst the majority of normal activities have continued, much of our efforts over recent weeks have been in best use of those two assets.

Our staff have worked tirelessly during difficult circumstances, including making 3,500+ phone calls to gather and share information to date. Our solutions have been quickly modified to reflect changes in local policy, ensuring systems are supporting efforts and not hindering them. We are proud that our customers have seen no noticeable downturn in CHC performance, placements are still being made quickly, providers are completing surveys at an exceptional rate, and our finance solutions continue to provide much needed consistent cashflow for CHC providers. Our services are continuing to save NHS staff much needed time during this period.

Conversations within our business and with our NHS partners is how we move forwards? As we enter a new phase of this crisis what should we all be doing? Should we revert to ‘normal’?

“In the rush to return to normal, use this time to consider which parts of normal are worth rushing back to.”

– Dave Hollis

It would be incredibly easy for us to return to what we used to do. But time should be taken to consider if that is correct.

For our customers, we have collectively learned that we are able to much better engage with providers. Our people and our CHC solutions can provide more insight than perhaps even our staff had realised. That is something we are committed to building on and work has already started; we will ensure that adam provides a unique insight into local provider markets beyond anything we’ve previously achieved. This will allow us to further improve CHC performance to new levels.

Internally we’ve also learned that our communication could be improved. Working within an office environment it can be easy to become complacent with communication. However, we have worked hard to ensure we connect and share across the organisation, both horizontally and vertically, to ensure we all know how we are coping and where performance is at. We’ll certainly take lessons from this time and embed new communication policies into our new normal.

We’re interested to work with CCGs over the coming weeks and months to help them to establish what their new normal looks like. Whether that is making progress on digitisation, or simply some internal process redesign, this is a fantastic opportunity to consider how we work.

Get in touch if you’d like to discuss this further. Are there areas you would like to address now, for when we return to ‘normal’?

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