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Case Management System Updates
18 November 2021

At adam we continue to invest heavily in our market leading Case Management System, as we work closely with our 27 CCGs to deliver new and exciting features!

We have recently commenced work with a further 3 CCGs - Leeds CCG, Bradford CCG and Bury CCG. Our mobilisation team is currently working closely with our new partners to ensure the projects go smoothly, especially as we head in to Winter and teams are stretched.

System Updates

We have some exciting system updates to share with you as we recently completed the largest and most complex infrastructure update in the history of adam this has been done to further enhance our resilience and system responsiveness! This refresh was not purely based on the hardware and technologies being utilised but also a shift in our approach to hosting and managing infrastructure in general. Highlights of this include:

  • Our new average page load time is now down to 0.5 seconds which is incredibly fast and improves ease of use for system users.
  • We have dual site redundancy across two Tier 3 London Data centres, this means we are hosted across two Data Centres in London with failover between them in the event of a DR event
  • Upgrades have been complete on OS and SQL versions; this means our solution is built using industry leading hardware and software packages
  • We can quickly scale up and down on all elements of our technology and fast which allows for rapid expansion

User Updates

For users of our Case Management System, we have some exciting new features:

  • Record Patient’s / Contact’s Contact Preference
  • Against Patient Records, it is possible to record a ‘Contact Preference’.
  • This is an optional customisable dropdown with default values of ‘Do not contact’, ‘Email only’, ‘Emails and letters’ and ‘Letters only’ this allows CCG users to record how a Patient / Contact should be contacted
  • Patient Letter Template Creation It is now possible for CCG Clients to configure Letter Templates to then be used on Patient Records to generate Letters for example a Continuing Healthcare eligibility letter to a patient or any care updates to the patients GP
  • Add Budget & Financial Dates + PA information to PHBs on Patient Records Record further granular information such as budget agreed date, financial audit date, PHB start date, end date, track hours per week, number of active PAs and PAs total hours per week on the PHB patients’ records, all of which is reportable
  • Option to add ‘School’ to Patient Record The following fields have been added to the Patient Record: A ‘School’ optional free-text field used to capture the school the Patient is attending if they are a child, plus an ‘additional information’ field

Why move to adams Case Management System?

  • We recognise that everyone is busy, that’s why our team do so much of the work for you. Speak to some of our partners, they’ll confirm just how hard we work to make it easy for you! We perform an audit every quarter to ensure your data remains clean.
  • Highly robust and secure based on best breed infrastructure
  • View a full audit trail available for download
  • Integrated referral management, PHB and invoicing tools

NHS Continuing Healthcare Patient Level Data Set

Due to COVID-19, the implementation of the NHS Continuing Healthcare Patient Level Data Set has been deferred until 1 April 2022. It is vital that this new information standard is adhered to and we will be doing everything we can to ensure our CCG customers make this transition smoothly. We are providing expert technical support to overcome any challenges that may occur in the coming months prior to meeting these commitments.

The NHS Continuing Healthcare Patient Level Data Set is a patient level, output based, secondary user data set. It delivers robust, comprehensive, nationally consistent and comparable person-centred information for people who are in receipt of, or whose eligibility is being assessed for NHS Continuing Healthcare or NHS-funded Nursing Care.

The data collected in the NHS Continuing Healthcare Patient Level Data Set covers all NHS Continuing Healthcare and NHS-funded Nursing Care activity undertaken by Clinical Commissioning Groups (or other organisations acting on their behalf), in line with the NHS Continuing Healthcare National Framework in England.

We are currently carrying out scoping calls with our CCG customers to gauge what system developments are needed to meet these new requirements by April 2022. We are also ready to help our customers prepare for changes to the current Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards (DoLS). In 2022 the Department of Health and Social Care is planning to implement the Liberty Protection Safeguards (LPS) to replace the DoLS.

There are so many more reasons and if you’d be interested in learning them, please get in touch with Brogan Archer email:

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