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How are procurement technology companies helping to improve community health and wellbeing?
14 June 2022

The focus on improving health and wellbeing in local communities has been a focus for the government and local authorities for a long time with procurement technology companies, such as adam, helping to support these goals – a healthier society leads to happier people and a positive future.

Since 2018 the UK government has created a number of whitepapers to outline plans to improve local areas through community and health initiatives; “positive health outcomes can only be achieved by addressing the factors that protect and create health and wellbeing and many of these are at a community level.” (Health matters: community-centred approaches for health and wellbeing, 2018).

Any public service, impacting an individual at a local level, needs to be accessible to ensure health and wellbeing improves for everyone and the local community as a whole. The NHS long term plan, which also focuses on improving wellbeing communities, aims to reach its goals through digital transformation, staff wellbeing initiatives, further improving patient care with technology and more.

The covid-19 pandemic has also highlighted the importance of communities having the ability to come together and support each other, to act quickly when helping those in need. This has led to companies developing technology which allows these services to be agile, accessible, flexible and secure to connect services together.

Integrated care systems (ICS) will have a big part to play in the implementation of these plans. ICSs “are partnerships of organisations that come together to plan and deliver joined up health and care services, and to improve the lives of people who live and work in their area.” (NHS England). By bridging the gap between health and social care services, and connecting the NHS with councils and local services, patients should receive a seamless care journey. Leading to improved relationships, digital improvements, and most importantly better care.

By working directly with local authorities and health organisations such as NHS England, adam has developed a unique insight into the challenges faced when providing community care and local services. This has allowed the business to directly tackle these head on and prepare for the future.

Procurement technology companies can make a big impact and contribution to improve the overall health and wellbeing of a local community and local authorities and healthcare organisations who invest will see long term improvements too.

Access to care

Digital cloud-based technology is accessible anywhere, at any time with parameters put in place to ensure the correct people have the right level of access, ensuring the system is completely secure. With the further development of NHS data objectives such as the patient level data set, systems can more easily connect and display or report on the same information. This means, different teams can view or access data from different service technology i.e. Spine portal and the adam brokerage solution or home-to-school transport route planner QRoutes and the adam transport solution.

Local authorities and healthcare organisations can, therefore, create digital infrastructure that is accessible by staff, providers and patients, creating a positive ecosystem and giving visibility of the services an individual is using, to all parties. As ICSs play a larger role, this will be invaluable in helping them grow and upscale services. Discover more about ICS objectives here.

Consistent quality of service

Technology allows for easier reporting through a series of automated tools, giving better visibility of the provider marketplace and individual experience. Departments can easily spot trends in the data, allowing them to act quickly and plan for the future based on clear evidence.

The adam solution can help you to understand which providers are performing best, where the majority of your funds is being spent, if an area or demographic is requiring more services and more. For instance, by implementing adam transport solution into Milton Keynes Council home-to-school transport service, the council was quickly able to identify that there were multiple routes covering the same location and some journeys were particularly inefficient, leading to a route planning tool which could integrate with the adam solution. Saving staff time on manually planning the routes and easily assigning the new routes to providers. These changes have led to a consistent high-quality level of service and improving access to education in the local community.

Compliance and structure

To ensure consistent quality of service, all providers and services must be compliant with each local authorities and health organisations requirements, both legal and locally led. Keeping track of all this information and upcoming renewal dates can be frustrating and often lead to information being missed, meaning a provider could potentially providing care without meeting the correct compliance.

Technology solutions, such as adam, makes this simple by tracking all the information within one system and automatically removing or blocking any provider who hasn’t completed the correct compliance material, ensuring the services provided are always meeting the requirements. This encourages providers to stay up-to-date and gives local authorities or health organisations the opportunity to increase the level of compliance required for a higher quality service.

Greener Environments and sustainability

Both local authorities and health organisations have become very aware of their environmental impact and reducing their carbon footprint in line with the government’s net zero goals.

Aligning the technology used across different departments and areas with immediately reduce your carbon footprint as you are not using multiple products which perform the same task. Leeds CCG, an adam client, are implementing our end-to-end solution across multiple departments and services, reducing their server and electricity usage.

By giving councils and ICSs increased visibility of the marketplace and the providers operating within the area, they can see which providers align with their goals and values for the local community. For instance, a landlord that provides properties with solar panels and sustainable features can reduce the overall carbon footprint and provide a healthier environment for the tenants – this also helps the council to reduce their own carbon footprint and encourage other landlords to adapt the same methods in order to partner with them. This would lead to multiple landlords also improving the quality of their housing.

The data can also reveal differences within the local area and specific communities that need further investment, enabling future improvements with the ability to adapt quickly where necessary. Find out how councils can invest further in commissioning technology for greener improvements here.

Improved relationships and sociability

Connecting services together gives providers and individuals a stronger voice and opportunity to work with local authorities and healthcare organisations to further improve local areas. As providers are at the heart of the community, often conversing with people on a daily basis, they have a wealth of knowledge and experience to share, with a unique insight into the thoughts and feelings of the local people.

Procurement technology can provide a central point to communicate with providers, share information, gather feedback and work together.

By improving these relationships, providers can share their ideas and help to implement local initiatives, ensuring buy-in from the beginning and giving better roots to a new solution, helping it be successful. This, in turn, helps to improve the health and wellbeing of local communities quickly.

At adam, we are proud to help improve the local community of local authorities and healthcare organisations, that we work with. Our solutions aim to positively impact each individual by improving the quality of the service through digital transformation. Find out how you can benefit by contacting our team today for your free demo.

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