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How is adam supporting CCGs with the April 2022 Patient Level Data Set implementation?
14 February 2022

How is adam supporting CCGs with the April 2022 Patient Level Data Set implementation?

The latest deadline for the NHS Continuing Healthcare (CHC) Patient Level Data Set is fast approaching and at adam, we are working closely with our customers , NHS England and NHS Digital to ensure we can support these changes. Due to covid-19 the initial implementation timeline was shifted and the new deadline set for 1st April 2022.

The latest updates will affect the data of NHS patients receiving ongoing ‘primary health need’ care, funded and arranged solely by the NHS - defined as Continuing Healthcare. For full details of the criteria, see the National Framework for NHS Continuing Healthcare and NHS-funded Nursing.

“The NHS Continuing Healthcare (NHS CHC) data set is a patient level, output based, secondary uses data set which aims to deliver robust, comprehensive, nationally consistent, and comparable person-based information for people (over the age of 18 years) accessing NHS CHC services and NHS-funded Nursing Care located in England.” (NHS Digital).

The data is used to improve patient care at a national level for people receiving CHC through the NHS. With more robust information, the goal is to see better outcomes, better experience and a better use of resources. This can be achieved by monitoring:

  • patients placed out of area
  • frequently changing care packages
  • other evidence of poor service or outcomes for the patient

The evidence is then used to support local appeals and evaluate high numbers of overturned appeals made by Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs).

Upcoming changes

The upcoming changes will update how data for NHS CHC patients is collected, stored, used and shared. From April 2022, CCGs are expected to extract and collate data from their management systems via a monthly report and submit it to NHS Digital.

These changes must be completed by all CCGs performing NHS CHC services, standardising the data collected. The data fields have been defined as ‘Mandatory’, ‘Required’ and ‘Optional’, to ensure the relevant information is collected, and meaningful changes can be made, evidenced by the data.

What do the Patient Level Data Set changes mean for adam clients?

From April 2022, all CCGs commissioning NHS-funded CHC services in England will need to implement and provide the NHS CHC data set. Therefore, all adam CCG clients will be required to access and export the relevant data from the adam platform, using the built-in reporting tools.

Previously the system offered functionality to support with CCG reporting requirements however, the new data set specification means there are some fields required by NHS CHC that are no longer fit for purpose or simply don’t exist yet. CCGs using the adam reporting tool, previously exported reports based on their specific needs rather than a particular standardised report, therefore a new function would be needed to export this specific data set in the correct format requested.

The report for NHS CHC patients would need to be submitted to a separate platform at NHS Digital via a data landing portal (DLP). This means all patient information must be stored, used, exported and uploaded securely. Each client will appoint a select number of relevant users who have permission to export the report from the system, ensuring only those authorised are accessing and uploading the data.

How has adam worked with NHS England and NHS Digital?

To ensure the adam system could meet all the new patient level data set requirements, our team has been working closely, over the past couple of years, with NHS England and NHS Digital.

Since the data set changes were first confirmed, NHS digital has hosted a number of calls with suppliers to talk through the details of the required report.

During initial scoping calls, suppliers (including adam) played an active role by offering advice and technological guidance, challenging any functions of the report that could be difficult to amend or update.

After collecting and reviewing supplier and CCG feedback, NHS Digital took all the comments into consideration before setting up a final session outlaying the report requirements. This gave us at adam time to plan implementation of the changes into our platform.

Following the delay of 6-9 months (due to Covid-19), NHS digital provided further guidance and support on the report and any additional changes, including updates to incorporate Integrated Care Systems (ICS) data.

From here, NHS digital has provided regular update emails to all providers, informing of any changes and progress. adam has also remained in direct contact to ensure functions are implemented and reviewed correctly.

What changes has adam made?

Our Head of Software Development, Christopher Humphreys, has been leading the team on the required changes for the adam platform. To ensure our clients have remained update to date on progress, the team at adam,have hosted multiple information sessions.

The implementation began by reviewing the platform’s current function capability before developing or adjusting any required fields or functions.

Some of the additional fields and functions for CMS capability include:

  • Recording NHS national codes against CHC Care product type.
  • Appeal data including independent review panel meetings dates, appeal letter sent dates, patient appeal eligibility periods, and NHS national codes against appeal decisions.
  • Demography information such as ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation and gender with the ability to attach NHS national codes.
  • NHS organisation identifier values against organisation type.
  • Recording either the NHS CHC Standard CCG review eligibility decision outcome or NHS CHC previously unassessed period of care decision outcome that matches the decision.

The changes include automated reporting to ensure CCGs can easily and consistently meet all reporting requirements. The ‘History Log’ pane, also shows a record of all versions of this instance of the NHS CHC PLDS Report object based on how many times it has been re-generated. This makes certain that every generation against an instance of an NHS CHC PLDS Report is accessible against the relevant object.

adam CEO, Chris Wilson states, “adam guarantees all CCGs compliance and automated generation of the new Patient Level Data Set coming into effect from 1st April 2022. As part of the working group with NHSE we have been well sighted on the coming changes for many months. In addition, the way in which the adam platform is built lends itself well to reporting at patient level as each item within our platform is linked to an individual patient and/or provider record.”

Final internal testing of the system began in January 2022, with CCG customers invited for planned customer trials in February, which will allow ample time for further changes if required.

Once feedback from the customer trials has been implemented and final testing has been completed, our teams will begin migrating clients from the legacy system to the new updated system, before the April 2022 deadline.

Future support

As always, adam teams will continue working closely with our clients and NHS Digital to improve data quality and the adam platform reporting tools in line with future policies and changes.

The NHS CHC data set project at adam is part of a larger programme incorporating system upgrades related to the ICS changes happening with the NHS sector. From April 2022, any of our CCG customers can be linked to their counterparts under an ICS umbrella. This means that local bodies can continue to benefit from a customisable solution whilst also sharing data, processes and policies with fellow ICS members on the adam platform where beneficial.

How can adam support CCGs looking for help/assistance?

Our team are on hand to offer guidance and support for CCGs who would like to know more about the NHS CHC data set requirements. We do this by sharing our knowledge on the lessons learnt from our customers and how our solution is supporting current customers to achieve their goals.

Contact the team today to find out more about the adam healthcare solution.

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