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Launching the new adam provider website
25 March 2022

We are excited to announce the launch of the new adam provider website which will provide a more optimised and faster experience for adam suppliers when accessing new opportunities.

As part of our efforts to continue improving customer and provider journeys, our Supply Chain Team have been working hard to create a brand-new website to support new and current providers. This will not only make it easier to onboard new suppliers and help them navigate through the site, but also ensure we can grow the marketplace for adam clients.

Roughly 100-150 new providers register onto our platforms each month, working closely with our Support Team to ensure they are onboarded correctly. The new site will make this process easier and simpler to complete by providing improved sign-up features and clearer information, as well as a host of other benefits.

What are the benefits of the new provider site?

  • Better navigation and clearer information for providers, allowing them to access relevant opportunities more easily.
  • A more optimised and faster experience when accessing new client information and opportunities.
  • Tailored signage for new providers and easier sign-up functionality, which will help providers onboard quicker.
  • Wider reporting tools for better visibility of the provider market and understanding of supplier trends.
  • Improved autonomy and awareness of providers registering after visiting the site.
  • Direct access to specific platform and category information.

How does this support adam clients?

  • The new site will reduce time spent onboarding new providers, allowing for quicker responses to client requests, such as urgent care placements or temporary housing requests.
  • Increases the number of suppliers signing up each month, helping to grow client provider markets faster, giving our customers more choice in suppliers.
  • Assists clients directing providers straight to the site by using the unique URLs feature to communicate areas including specific category pages. These links can also be shared directly from client websites or within individual communications, improving the user journey.

Mike Thornley, adam Supply Chain Manager who has led on the project said “Our team are very proud to share the new provider website which will have a big impact for both adam suppliers and our customers. The improved user journey and interface will offer suppliers easy to digest content with everything they need in one place. Our aim is to make Public Sector opportunities as accessible and transparent as possible, and we are delighted that the adam provider site will support those aims.”

Check out the new provider site here.

For more information about the new provider website or how adam works with providers in the healthcare, social care, transport and housing marketplaces, please contact our sales team here, who will be happy to provide a free demo.

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