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London Borough of Merton wins award using adam
07 February 2020

Winner – London Borough of Merton

Private Taxi Service for Children with Special Education Needs (SEN) and vulnerable adults.

On behalf of everyone here at adam we would like to congratulate The London Borough of Merton on winning the “Best Small Business Friendly Procurement to Support Local Trade” award.


Merton transports approximately 280 passengers per day, using 11 taxi-operators, at a cost of £2.8m p.a. (excluding in-house mini-bus fleet). Increasingly the service suffered from a lack of suitably qualified and available taxi-operators able to meet the Council’s requirements, and increased costs.

Following initial interviews, a pilot was undertaken, leading to the development of a Dynamic Purchasing system. The DPS went live in December 2016 with 28 suppliers fully enrolled.

Outcomes so far:

Traditional barriers experienced by the local market to the contract have been significantly reduced, more local suppliers have access to market opportunities that previously proved inaccessible; prolonged training and support was provided at no cost to local suppliers; local suppliers have improved capacity; new local entrants are winning businesses; and through the on-line weekly “self-billing” system, there is a much shorter turnaround time for the receipt of payments and a reduction in admin costs for both the providers and the council.

We are delighted Merton have been recognised for their work and we’ll be posting more information on the award soon.

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