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Managing Change Within Continuing Healthcare After Covid-19
01 July 2020

Covid-19 has provided an unprecedented challenge to both the country and our health care sector.

As we hope that we are through the worst of it, or at least the first phase, the NHS is now working flat out on recovery planning – ensuring critical services are up and running to continue to provide care and support to patients.

This is also true within the Continuing Healthcare (CHC) sector. Whilst there may be uncertainty over the future of the NHS Framework for CHC, teams around the UK are working hard to return to some level of normality. Not least, plans are required to address the backlog of assessments/reviews that are going to take up significant resource over the coming months.

But can normality be resumed? And should it?

There are various aspects of how most CHC services operate that now need a fundamental rethink:
From what we have seen, CCGs have reacted brilliantly to this crisis, with many maintaining service levels despite huge pressures. However, many people we speak to also admit it may not be sustainable, and perhaps now is the time for change to meet the challenges that lay ahead. Simple yet effective changes to processes can have a profound impact, and the addition of digital tools can take performance to the next level.

  • Collaboration – we must rethink how information is shared across teams and throughout organisations, whether that be large data sets, or simply anecdotal feedback between staff
  • Paper usage – there is increased risk associated with paper when staff are required to work from home
  • Performance Management – with teams physically distanced, and with management removed from an office environment, performance management will become even more important
  • Manual processes – with potential changes to the CHC Framework and integration work accelerating, it may no longer be feasible to ask staff to manually process – especially when working remotely
  • Systems – if legacy systems are in place, do they work remotely on staff’s own WiFi at home? Do tools offer the flexibility required with new priorities and working practices?

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