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Milton Keynes Council will be using the digital adam Housing solution to benefit all homeless households and streamline processes
14 April 2021

We are pleased to announce that Milton Keynes Council will be using the digital adam Housing solution to drive efficiencies in their housing processes.

adam Housing will ensure that every household can be matched with the most appropriate housing for their needs. adam will support Milton Keynes Council in reducing the reliance on costly Temporary Accommodation by building a large, varied portfolio of properties, consisting of both suitable short-term accommodation and permanent housing from the Private Rented Sector.

The adam Housing solution will drastically streamline housing placement and management processes, giving valuable time back to the council. Most importantly, it will ensure that homeless households can be placed into the most suitable accommodation more quickly, minimising disruption to core lifestyle factors, such as education and employment.

The solution will allow the council to monitor households regardless of tenancy type, alerting all stakeholders to any tenancy concerns that may cause repeat homelessness, and allowing swift prevention processes to occur. Furthermore, it will standardise compliance and onboarding across multiple schemes, ensuring consistency and quality.

adam Housing is ‘One place to’:
In summary, the adam Housing solution will help ensure that households are placed in the most suitable accommodation within a shorter timescale. This will help provide complete insight and build critical intelligence across all homeless household tenancies.

  • Access a fully compliant, varied supply portfolio
  • View real-time property availability
  • Create bookings & facilitate tenancies
  • Manage payment processes
  • Contract manage the supply chain
  • Monitor compliance across all housing placements

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