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Netflix’s hit series Maid: a harsh reality for many
30 November 2021

With 67 million households watching Maid in the first four weeks of its release, the series has remained in the top 5 most viewed Netflix shows ever – in several countries.

Netflix summarises the show which ‘follows the story of Alex, a single mother who turns to housecleaning to – barely – make ends meet as she escapes an abusive relationship and overcomes homelessness to create a better life for her daughter, Maddy.’

Although this story is set in the USA, Alex’s struggles can be felt on a global level. And her catch 22 situation of needing childcare to work, yet also needing income to pay for childcare is all too familiar for many families.

People can mistakenly associate homelessness solely with people begging on the street, but Maid demonstrates the deeper levels to this, and the vicious cycles people can find themselves in.

Throughout the series, Alex tries to create a stable home for her and her daughter, Maddy, staying in a domestic violence shelter, in supported housing and finally in temporary accommodation. One of the many obstacles Alex faces in the show is trying to persuade landlords to rent their properties to her rather than choose someone who isn’t receiving financial aid. Yet another issue we see in the real world.

For us at adam, Maid plays an extremely important role in educating people on the realities of homelessness and poverty. Given Netflix’s platform and inevitable reach, this show has helped raise awareness of very real issues people face across the world.

To help address homelessness in the UK, more councils, providers, and landlords must adopt the use of technology. With adam’s housing solution, councils can get more people into the housing they need – quickly, safely and cost-effectively.

We have developed our housing platform in partnership with several local authorities. We offer a unique end-to-end solution that improves the procurement and management of private and temporary accommodation.

Ben Cater, Product Manager for Housing and Procurement, shared his thoughts, ‘The challenges associated with poverty are ever-growing, with increasing numbers of households facing extreme financial difficulties and homelessness. Access to suitable housing can create a positive change for so many.

As such, we continue to prioritise the individuals and families at the heart of these issues, working to place them into safe and appropriate accommodation. Through partnerships, we can help councils regain financial control over their processes and allow them to better support those in need.’

Benefits of the adam Housing solution include access to a greater variety of suitable accommodation, faster placement speed, a reduction in the reliance on expensive nightly accommodation, 100% confidence in the compliance of all listings and better administration processes (e.g. invoicing & compliance management). Find out more about our technology here.

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