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Not your typical technology partner! Helping the Staffordshire and Stoke CCGs manage their CHC Domiciliary Care service
25 September 2020

During these difficult times, we are proud to work with Midlands and Lancashire CSU to help the Staffordshire and Stoke CCGs to deliver effective and economic Domiciliary Care via our digital CHC solution.


In August, we launched our digital CHC commissioning solution for Staffordshire and Stoke CCGs with the recently reinstated National CHC Framework in mind. We designed it to improve the procurement and management of Domiciliary Care placements and deliver better quality patient care and product financial savings for them.

Immediately after launch, our Support Service used the unique reporting capabilities available within the commissioning solution to identify strengths and weaknesses in the operational commissioning process. Following a week one performance review we noticed that 31% of providers in the local Domiciliary Care provider market had been inactive, not offering their services or even acknowledging new placement referrals. As part of our standard support package, provider engagement is a critical service line, so we put in place a plan for engaging those providers.

Our lead Support Consultant for this area (Sigita Marfani) and one of our Supplier Relationship Managers (Nwamaka Onwuneme), took on the task of directly engaging with the 64 inactive providers identified. We were pleased to see that within the first week Sigita and Nwamaka had held productive conversations with 30 of these providers, helping them overcome any challenges preventing them from offering services.

“We contacted all of the dormant providers in order to understand if they needed any additional support and were delighted to be able to help many of them.”
Sigita Marfani

The providers that our team talked with immediately became more engaged members of the local CHC provider market. 20 of the agencies were offering their services for new CHC referrals by the following week. They submitted an average of 5 offers each, which increased choice for patients and the brokerage team. This meant that within just a couple of weeks of launch the CCGs were benefitting from 3 different (accredited) providers able to meet each patient’s needs. As well as improved choice, placements were being completed in just 2.5 days as opposed to the 10 days it previously took for Domiciliary Care placements to commence. Not only that, but one of the key drivers for the CCGs was to reduce the hourly rate of Domiciliary Care without any adverse effect on quality, and within a few weeks we had helped to reduce the hourly cost of placements by 8% compared to historical levels.

We take actions that wouldn’t normally sit with a ‘traditional tech provider’. Because we work as partners and apply expertise, CHC performance is exceptional, and markets are rapidly more engaged. In this case, we helped reduce the cost of care by 8% and we helped make placements 3 times faster. Our work doesn’t stop, we’re already looking at further performance improvements for the month ahead.

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