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Why adam Training is important in 2021
04 January 2021

Why is training important? The seemingly obvious answer is “so that people know what to do”. While this is undoubtedly true, at adam we believe there is a lot more to it than that!

While it is important to be able to follow through a process, what happens in those situations that don’t fit with the norm? Isn’t there so much more to a system than one single process? Our technology is designed to save our users time, but how can we expect to see these time savings if users cannot make the most of the available tools?

This is where training comes in. The adam Training team is committed to ensure our system users cannot only use our technology but understand it and use it to its full potential. But how? Here are just 3 considerations we make:

Tailoring our trainingadam delivers a number of different systems across a wide range of sectors, so there is no “one size fits all”. As a result, all our new clients (along with their provider base) will receive bespoke training, customised to their own system set-up. We carry out a full scoping and planning process to understand the needs of each client, and we strive to understand their current and future processes to include the much-needed context to explain their own specific use of the adam platforms.

Making our training holistic – Good training does not just cover the “how to”, but also improves confidence, establishes processes, and provides a space for concerns and questions to be resolved. Therefore, all our training allows for questions and discussion, and includes a range of system “top tips” to allow our users to get the best out of our technology.

Providing flexible training solutions – The format of training is important, particularly in a world where we are highly reliant on technology. Our “live” training sessions can be provided face-to-face or via interactive webinars. Sessions are then always supported by a range of training collateral, from one-page snapshots explaining specific parts of the system, to videos, and step-by-step guidance documents. This ensures our users not only receive full initial training but are equipped to use our technology on an ongoing basis. Repetition is key after all!

Focus on these three areas, coupled with the dedication of our trainers to deliver high-class training, means our users can use our technology to its full potential, and subsequently best meet the needs of the individuals in their community.

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