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YPO commissioning solutions: The adam partnership
13 April 2022

YPO commissioning solutions: The adam partnership

YPO, owned by 13 local authorities, supplies products and services to the public sector including councils, schools, charities, care homes, emergency services and more. Its aim is to provide trusted suppliers who understand the challenges faced in the public sector and provide high quality, cost-effective services.

“We establish partnerships with our customers, industry bodies and competitors to reduce duplication of effort and ultimately deliver better value for the taxpayer. Such activity demonstrates how we can achieve significant and sustainable savings for the public sector through collaboration, aggregation and standardisation.” (YPO Partnerships)

adam have been in partnership with YPO since 2020, providing bespoke commissioning solutions to customers across health and social care, transport, housing and procurement. All activity has focused on supporting a variety of local authority and CCG departments including procurement, commissioning, service delivery, contracts, finance and more.

At adam, many of our customers have come on board via the YPO framework; along with many benefits, this has given them support from two reputable companies and the reassurance that they are using a market-approved product delivering tangible value for the local communities.

Let’s take Sutton as an example; by partnering with adam and implementing our transport solution through YPO, Sutton Council successfully increased their local provider market and improved their route bidding process. And they achieved this far quicker and easier than they otherwise would have done. Discover the full story in our Sutton Council Case Study.

Reduced timescales

As a commissioning solutions framework under YPO, customers do not need to run a full OJEU procurement, reducing the need to go to tender. Not only that, as a single-supplier framework, local authorities and NHS organisations do not need to undertake any additional competition/procurement exercises.

This reduces time spent securing and developing a procurement solution which fits the local authority’s needs and gives councils the flexibility to onboard new compliant suppliers at any time.

Quality of spend

Finally, procuring adam through the YPO framework gives you more control over your spending by developing a solution to fit your needs and budgets accordingly.

“The cost of the service is based on individual customer requirements and a range of payment options are also available and can be agreed between supplier/provider and customer.”

Clients using the solution will often see both immediate and long-term cost savings by increasing marketplace quality and competition. Most importantly, our customers see real results in the local populations they serve.

How can you begin your adam and YPO journey?

Start benefiting from the YPO adam commissioning solution today by visiting YPO or check out our YPO partner page for further details.

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