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What we do

adam’s technology helps organisations overcome challenging market conditions; our digital platform is designed for commissioning complex and specialised services across a range of sectors. From estates management and the public realm to repairs and maintenance, adam Procurement can introduce significant cost savings and efficiencies.

Procurement of services

adam facilitates the commissioning of services on a requirement-by-requirement basis through a technology platform and managed service

Bespoke implementation

During the implementation phase, adam is configured with a workflow unique to your requirements. The current state, along with a workable baseline, is agreed upon prior to the system going live; this is done to monitor the success of the programme.

Our products are created and maintained by our in-house developers, with support from the UX and Business Analysis teams, to ensure our tech is delivered with the user in mind.

Whether you want to more effectively procure more of an existing supply chain, or wish to establish a new procurement contract, the adam solution can accommodate this.

Accommodating any procurement approach

Our solutions also include an electronic interface with the Find A Tender service, and guarantees compliance with the latest procurement regulations.

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Workers on a construction site

We’ve also seen that some suppliers are picking up multiple contracts with different specialisms, so not only are there more suppliers, we’ve also quadrupled our pool for each variant. This has significantly reduced the risk to our supply

Procurement Manager
A large local authority

Key benefits

Save money with transparent and compliant processes

Drive competition through an enhanced supply base

Save time with an increased delivery speed

Commissioning activities are geared towards desired outcomes

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