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What do we do?

Our market engagement service creates a direct channel that allows new providers to join the supply chain during the initial implementation as well as at any point during the contract. In addition, we regularly, and proactively, research the market to identify and onboard emerging suppliers. At adam we focus on reinforcing the areas of the supply chain that require it most.

Researching, advertising, and engaging the local provider market takes time, and resources are not always available.

For a defined period, our dedicated supply chain team carries out the heavy lifting - working with hundreds of providers each month. Our experience in how to engage with and support local providers to join supply chains means that our customers do not have to worry about transitioning providers from one system to another – we will do it for you, with your oversight of course.

The below outlines some of the areas this service can support.


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Gaining an in-depth understanding of your supply chain and future objectives.

Research & analysis

Identifying the potential market capabilities that exist in the area.

Defining entry criteria

Working with you to create appropriate, PCR compliant and robust entry criteria.


Handling all communications/ engagement with your current and prospective market.


Guiding providers through the transition to maximise the eventual approved supply chain

Key benefits

  • Dedicated point of contact to handle all provider enquiries, queries and communication on your behalf
  • Research, engage and onboard any new, emerging providers to maximise your supply chain capabilities
  • We carry out the heavy lifting, including the creation of communication plans, organising events, conducting phone outreach, targeted emails and video walkthroughs
  • A seamless transition for your existing providers as a result of our support offered
  • Accurate data in real-time on how the market is responding, with next steps and actions taken by our Supplier Onboarding Managers to maximise success

adam fully supported us with the research, communications, events and the day-to-day hand holding needed to create an effective supply base within short timescales. They also hosted several supplier engagement events so that providers were aware of how to access and use the new software.

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