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What we do

Our Provider Insights Consultancy service capitalises on adam’s expertise and data to deliver intelligence and solutions to overcome challenges, and drive continuous improvement within health and social care provider markets.

As a standalone service or in conjunction with our commissioning platforms, the Provider Insights team undergo bespoke projects to uncover insights within local or national provider markets.

Areas we specialise in

Market consultations and feedback

Conducting large scale feedback and consultation exercises can often be advantageous as a 3rd party, allowing for direct and honest market feedback to be conveyed and analysed for our customers. We design and structure consultation periods in partnership, using a combination of phone interviews, events and surveys to gather valuable information to present back within target timeframes.

Analysis of market capabilities

By analysing in-house and external data sources we are able to illustrate the current capabilities and specialisms of any local market, and benchmark this nationally and with other comparative regions to inform future market shaping strategies. We are also able to compare provider capacity levels and rates of brokerage fulfilment for a detailed picture of market performance and strengths.


Map of providers in the north of England

Research and future planning

Our bank of intelligence collected can be utilised and added to through bespoke research and future planning exercises. We hold intelligence on best practices and initiatives in a range of areas and across the UK. By conducting research exercises on behalf of our customers we are able to better inform strategy and new initiative roll outs.

Process and commissioning

Using best practice case studies and our experience working with Local Authorities, CCGS and ICSs across the UK to analyse current state and develop recommendations on process, commissioning and brokerage improvements. This may range from contract management of the provider base, to redesigning how provider quality is recorded, to the process of brokering new care packages.

Our aims

Offer insights

Add value

Support your processes

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