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Take a deep dive into the key issues impacting on the UK’s care sectors. With expert insights combined with solutions to the biggest obstacles facing professionals and providers today, get the inside line on how your sector is operating now – and how it must evolve in the future. 

Milton Keynes Council will be using the digital adam Housing solution to benefit all homeless households and streamline processes2021/04/14We are pleased to announce that Milton Keynes Council will be using the digital adam …2021-04-14 15:49:59
Working with more CCGs to improve Continuing Healthcare placements2021/03/052021-03-05 13:11:23
adam working with Kirklees CCG to improve Continuing Healthcare2021/02/16North Kirklees CCG and Greater Huddersfield CCG (to be called Kirklees CCG from 1st April) is …2021-02-16 12:32:54
A fresh look at Direct Payments and Individual Service Funds (ISFs)2021/01/21Personal budgets are designed to give people more choice and control over their care and …2021-01-21 09:34:41
The importance of understanding People and Place in Public Services2021/01/20The pandemic changed almost every aspect of our lives, but in particular, it made us …2021-01-20 11:21:16
Ava Choices – Improving people’s health and wellbeing through the pandemic and beyond2021/01/132021-01-13 11:20:47
Why adam Training is important in 20212021/01/04Why is training important? The seemingly obvious answer is “so that people know what to …2021-01-04 09:52:58
Why digitisation is no longer a choice and the CHC process is a good place to start2020/12/17As we come to the end of 2020, we can reflect on what has likely …2020-12-17 16:43:55
Continuing Healthcare: are we listening to our care providers?2020/11/24One of the things that adam helps our customers with is listening to providers. A …2020-11-24 15:25:27
Does the vaccine announcement offer hope to Local Authorities and Home to School Transport?2020/11/17Date Published: 17/11/2020        Reading time: 2 min read            Author: adam transport team A new …2020-11-17 14:50:38
adam’s Supply Chain Management: Small actions making a big difference to Brighton & Hove’s most rural homecare placements2020/11/10Brighton and Hove City Council have been using adam’s social care product since 2016 to …2020-11-10 16:38:27
Giving people more control over their own care is essential in the current climate2020/11/09As we enter a second lockdown, exacerbated by the spectre of winter pressures, the strain …2020-11-09 10:22:07
Understanding the complexities of temporary accommodation in a complex time2020/11/04A recent publication from ‘Inside Housing’ highlights that temporary accommodation costs are continuing to rise …2020-11-04 10:14:08
The Second UK Lockdown: What does it mean for home to school transport?2020/11/03Date Published: 03/11/2020        Reading time: 2 min read            Author: adam transport team The first …2020-11-03 16:18:33
NHS Midlands and Lancashire CSU to use Ava Choices to support Personal Health Budget (PHB) holders on behalf of Staffordshire CCGs2020/10/21adam HTT (“adam”) has agreed with NHS Midlands and Lancashire CSU (MLCSU) that they will …2020-10-21 09:04:26
Maintaining a healthy supply chain in the public sector2020/10/12A lot of effort is invested in creating the supply chain. Why not nurture it? …2020-10-12 07:30:51
adam Housing solution connects local authorities and accommodation providers on a single, bespoke platform to save crucial time.2020/10/05The number of households in temporary accommodation has been increasing steadily since 2010. On 31st …2020-10-05 13:19:11
The Government has published guidance for Transport to school and other places of education: Autumn term 2020. What does this mean for your local authority home to school transport?2020/10/02Date Published: 02/10/2020        Reading time: 5 mins read            Author: adam transport team Without doubt …2020-10-02 11:17:38
Not your typical technology partner! Helping the Staffordshire and Stoke CCGs manage their CHC Domiciliary Care service2020/09/25During these difficult times, we are proud to work with Midlands and Lancashire CSU to …2020-09-25 11:28:46
YPO launches new Commissioning Solutions framework in partnership with adam HTT2020/08/1111th August 2020 YPO, one of the UK’s largest publicly owned buying organisations, has launched …2020-08-11 09:16:18
How can adam help the NHS to embrace innovation in Continuing Healthcare?2020/08/10Article written by Zlata Lobotskaya The UK could save an estimated 20,000 avoidable deaths each year …2020-08-10 12:50:02
Managing Change Within Continuing Healthcare After Covid-192020/07/01Covid-19 has provided an unprecedented challenge to both the country and our health care sector. …2020-07-01 09:13:09
adam supports Local Authorities by providing greater insight into spend and services during crisis2020/05/27Throughout the COVID-19 crisis adam has helped to take the strain off Local Authorities, making …2020-05-27 15:09:27
Integrated Care Systems – Embracing the Power of Digital2020/05/12By 2021 it is expected that Integrated Care Systems (ICSs) will cover the whole country. …2020-05-12 14:28:43
The Changing Landscape of Care Through Technology2020/04/30It is estimated that an additional 420,000 carers will be needed to meet demand by …2020-04-30 13:51:16
A new normal in Continuing Healthcare2020/04/30As a Digital CHC solution partner of many NHS bodies, including 20+ CCGs, the Covid-19 …2020-04-30 11:52:56
Northamptonshire County Council – Passenger Transport Services2020/04/30adam HTT have established a new Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS) with Northamptonshire County Council for the …2020-04-30 11:40:58
Helping take the pressure off Local Authorities and suppliers for Home-to-School Transport2020/04/222020-04-22 09:58:20
Transport digital commissioning solution saves £4M across councils looking to stop threat to home-to-school transport2020/02/072020-02-07 11:40:22
Transport Commissioning – 7 Steps To Improved Performance2020/02/07Individual wellbeing is being ignored. Councils commissioning transport services are suffering significant pressure to deliver …2020-02-07 11:39:31
The inconsistencies of Social Care. PT 1: The Care Home Market2020/02/07The recent LaingBuisson Social Care conference gave a compelling summary as to the situation the …2020-02-07 11:38:39
The evolution of transport commissioning at Haringey Borough Council2020/02/072020-02-07 11:37:50
The alternative to spot purchasing2020/02/07What is the objective? People in need of residential or nursing care often have multiple, …2020-02-07 11:36:51
Supporting our clients beyond implementation2020/02/07When going through significant change, support and assistance is vital to make sure that the …2020-02-07 11:35:57
Summer routes sanity2020/02/07It’s that time of year again where transport teams are busy working on summer routes …2020-02-07 11:35:09
Social Care Green Paper2020/02/07The original rationale for the Green Paper was to explore the issue of how social …2020-02-07 11:34:12
Partnership with Healthier Lancashire and South Cumbria2020/02/07Healthier Lancashire and South Cumbria: Quality and Contract Management system adam is delighted to announce the …2020-02-07 11:32:24
Outcomes-Based Commissioning for The South London SEN Commissioning Group2020/02/07During the NCCTC 2017 Children’s Conference we were joined by Rakhee Dave-Shah from the South …2020-02-07 11:31:14
Opinion: the ADASS Budget Survey 20192020/02/07The ADASS 2019 Budget Survey was far from optimistic, citing the ‘escalating crisis’ in adult …2020-02-07 11:29:56
No fun for transport commissioners2020/02/07It’s clear that SEN and Passenger Transport teams are facing a steep uphill battle. Departments …2020-02-07 11:29:15
New Transport DPS Established for London Borough of Sutton & Achieving for Children2020/02/07Adam is delighted to announce the establishment of a new Transport DPS (dynamic purchasing system) …2020-02-07 11:28:27
New DPS for Minor Works2020/02/07We are delighted to confirm that the London Construction Programme (LCP) have successfully established their …2020-02-07 11:27:38
New Commissioning Approach for Home Care in Cumbria2020/02/07We are delighted to confirm that the Cumbria County Council (CCC) have successfully established their …2020-02-07 11:26:52
Moving on from Spot Purchasing in Domiciliary Care Commissioning2020/02/07What is the objective? The objective of domiciliary care is to deliver quality home care …2020-02-07 11:25:59
Moving beyond category management2020/02/07The introduction of a category management approach in many Councils has, without a doubt, improved …2020-02-07 11:24:59
More CCGs are transforming CHC commissioning2020/02/07It’s well publicised that demand for Continuing Healthcare (CHC) is growing significantly. In Staffordshire alone, …2020-02-07 11:24:08
More big transport savings at another London Borough2020/02/07December was a big month for us and London boroughs. Our system went live in …2020-02-07 11:23:19
Merton move into 5th gear for transport commissioning2020/02/07Following several years of using traditional fixed frameworks to deliver transport services, and seeing their …2020-02-07 11:22:40
Managing compliance and governance of your Provider Base2020/02/07How well do your providers meet the Wellbeing Principles of the Care Act?  How well …2020-02-07 11:21:40
London Construction Programme DPS built on the adam platform2020/02/07adam is delighted to partner with The London Construction Programme (LCP), which has gone live …2020-02-07 11:20:43
London Borough of Merton wins award using adam2020/02/07Winner – London Borough of Merton Private Taxi Service for Children with Special Education Needs …2020-02-07 11:19:57
London Borough of Lewisham go-live with adam for Passenger Transport2020/02/07We are delighted to announce that the London Borough of Lewisham (LBL) are now live …2020-02-07 11:19:08
Local micro markets: Difficult – but worth it?2020/02/07The idea of a market built around a diverse range of small scale, local provision …2020-02-07 11:17:42
Innovating Domiciliary Care Commissioning2020/02/07The Domiciliary Care market has always been an area of high pressure for Local Authorities; …2020-02-07 11:16:43
Improving market capacity for Domiciliary Care2020/02/07What is the challenge? Domiciliary Care commissioners are now tasked with delivering more services, to …2020-02-07 11:15:37
If it’s broken, papering over the cracks won’t fix it2020/02/07There can be no doubt that the Social Care system is broken. Too many sector …2020-02-07 11:14:40
High Performance Digital Transport Commissioning2020/02/07Our summer 2019 client ROI reports are out – and they make for incredible reading. …2020-02-07 11:13:34
Ensuring Choice, Commissioning Quality and Evidencing Value in Residential Care Commissioning2020/02/07What is the challenge? The introduction of the Care Act in 2014 means commissioners need …2020-02-07 11:11:48
End-to-end digital CHC2020/02/07Our new Referral Management Tool has been launched!   Customers now have a single platform …2020-02-07 11:00:37
Embracing the marketplace to deliver personalised care2020/02/07Those that require care are not faceless; they are real people with real needs. In …2020-02-07 10:58:49
Do locality Model Frameworks still work in Domiciliary Care?2020/02/07It seems that Locality Models are very much in vogue again. Over recent months I’ve …2020-02-07 10:57:50
Disrupting the procurement process2020/02/07Nathan Downing, a TSA Associate, lifts the lid on the world of the DPS… The …2020-02-07 10:56:26
Digital end-to-end commissioning with a Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS)2020/02/07Commissioning is the strategic activity of identifying a need, allocating resources and procuring a provider …2020-02-07 10:54:42
Digital Commissioning supporting DTOCs2020/02/07In this article for Digital by Default, Chris Wilson underlines the value of using Digital …2020-02-07 10:53:35
Culture first. Cloud second.2020/02/07In this interview with Compare the Cloud, Chris Wilson emphasises the importance of first developing …2020-02-07 10:52:43
Creating a consistent buying process in Residential Care Commissioning2020/02/07What is the challenge? Meeting the requirements of the Care Act is a major challenge …2020-02-07 10:51:37
Continuing the commissioning journey…2020/02/07In 2013 a member-led Cardiff council taskforce was created to review their Domiciliary Care commissioning …2020-02-07 10:50:33
Commissioning in Transport: Relieving summer pressures for Lewisham Borough Council2020/02/07In part two of our interview with Wendy Hall, Travel Coordinator Team Manager and Keith …2020-02-07 10:45:53
Brokerage should be the guardians of commissioning2020/02/07With the brokerage function becoming a more familiar sight in councils, should they not be …2020-02-07 10:44:14
adam sponsor ADASS Spring Seminar 20192020/02/07adam will be sponsoring ADASS’ invite-only event, at Yarnfield Park, Staffordshire – 29 April to …2020-02-07 10:42:44
adam helps London Borough of Haringey launch transport DPS2020/02/07adam has established a new dynamic purchasing system (DPS) for the London Borough of Haringey, …2020-02-07 10:40:58
adam client recognised for innovation2020/02/07Congratulations to Midlands and Lancashire CSU (MLCSU) who, through their collaboration with us and using …2020-02-07 10:39:34
adam at Waltham Forest2020/02/07We are delighted that the London Borough of Waltham Forest have received a nomination at …2020-02-07 10:38:36
adam approved on to G-Cloud 11 framework2020/02/07adam HTT is proud to announce that is has been successful in its application to …2020-02-07 10:37:15
adam achieves standards ISO 9001 & ISO 27001 certification2020/02/07DATELINE: 07 January 2019 IMMEDIATE RELEASE: adam is proud to have achieved certification to the …2020-02-07 10:35:31
A diverse provider base is needed to support the growing complexity of care needs2020/02/07In a recent SME Web blog, Chris Wilson shares his views on why it’s so …2020-02-07 10:26:38
Stronger together – collaborating on housing solutions2019/08/082019-08-08 07:51:14
Digital Commissioning, GDPR and protecting the data of individuals2019/08/082019-08-08 07:45:50
Commissioning a Dynamic Supplier Base2019/08/072019-08-07 14:27:41
Is it ok for direct payers and self-funders to pay more for care?2018/11/052018-11-05 13:27:08

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