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Direct payments

Direct payments were designed to promote choice and independence over people’s care and support; done well, they can really help to empower individuals and enable improved wellbeing.

adam helps those with care and support needs to manage their Direct Payments. By providing a fully managed service, adam instils confidence in people, empowering them with the ability to take control of their funding and care.

Our approach is to support individuals every step of the way, taking the pressure away from Local Authorities. Our software allows people to receive funds and manage their budgets in a virtual wallet. Through adam, individuals (or their advocates) can easily define care goals and outcomes, view available support services, and purchase services that will best meet their unique needs.

Looking after the individual

adam has access to a unique and diverse set of providers which cover the full range of what’s available in a locality, including Personal Assistants and community-based support. This ensures every individual will receive a bespoke care and support package, focused on maximising individual wellbeing.

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